Welcome to Snowflake's Diary, a work in progress by Snowflake, an emperor penguin from Antarctica who ventured off on an iceberg to travel the world to find Kiwi, his Sprinkle.   He won't let me reveal to you what a Sprinkle is yet, he's quite shy sometimes, but soon he will share.   He travels quite a bit and has been learning many things about the "human" way of doing things.  He has many insights and adventures to share, but currently he's asked not to reveal his entire body of work until he's had time to review and edit it.

 However, he has granted me permission to exhibit his profile photo...


He's accompanied by his most loyal and trusted friend and sometimes antagonist, Evander, a sea turtle who was born in South America, traveled the waters to Ireland and ended up in Hawaii where he met Snowflake. 

  ...and his hang.

These two are quite the characters.  They are currently preparing an introduction for everyone, but right now, they are happy to share their photos. 

So, stay tuned in as the Adventures of Snowflake & Evander carry on from the Hawaiian episode and share with you what they've discovered in this great big world!!  And if you aren't familiar with thier Hawaiian adventures, I suggest you read the screenplay, Kiwi Dreams the Adventures of Snowflake and Evander, it will fill in the blanks. 

Until the next update, happy trails!


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