I often wonder... since birds fly, why do we keep them in cages?  While I know birds love the company of humans, they also love to fly and spread their wings and be what they were made to be.  Their movement, is flight.  Yet we put them in cages so we can look at them.  And yes, we appreciate, but how much more would your appreciation be if you witnessed them being exactly as God intended?

 Exactly as God intended.

 Look at this guy.  An rare and exotic Toucan, in a cage, in Las Vegas, completely out of his environment.  Trapped in captivity.  Isn't that a bit wrong of us to do this?  I was so disturbed that he needed to be in his native environment that this is the only shot I took.



And take a look at Mango pictured down below. 

Mango is a captive Major Mitchell Cockatoo.  Cockatoos are extremely intelligent and timid birds. 

He was in this office room with at least 20 other cockatoo's, parrots, doves, and the toucan screaming horribly,  "Get out!"  "Help!"  "Go, get out!" I knew it wasn't me, for they were screaming long before I entered.  I asked, "Why are the birds were so stressed out?  Why are they screaming and why are they picking themselves so much?"

The answer?  They were trapped in a fire in an enclosed exhibit.  Many died.  They couldn't fly away with clipped wings and enclosed ceilings.  So they perished.  Am I crazy, but isn't this wrong?

Mango took quite a liking to me.  He was singing to me and actually climbed down from the cage and stood at the bottom of my feet and looked up at me.  Then he started to follow me.  If it were up to me, I would have given him his freedom.  Why can't they live outside, and wild?  If they come around to visit and eat and even sleep, what an honor.





And what about dolphins?  A truly amazing species!  Here's an interesting video:


So much to say, so much coming this way soon!! 




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