Hello to all who are visiting! I am glad to know you made it to this page. I thought I might share a little insight on my photography style.

I am a naturalist and shoot rather organically. I walk around the world and take in imagery and in a moment something catches my eye that fascinates me. It could be the color(s), it could be the shape(s), it could be a ray of light, beauty, ugly, even an angry or happy moment. It is those images I capture among the many other emotional experiences I have when looking around at God's creation.

I don't always take my time to focus, nor do I always worry so much about my camera settings. I definately utilize techniques to produce results that some would call "flaws". To me, it's an art to see reality for what it is. Sometimes the light isn't quite right. Sometimes the angle just can't be realized. Sometimes it's the most beautiful and perfect moment.

I use a standard camera with a relatively low pixel resolution. I try to allow nature to dictate its depth and quality. I enjoy being a part of this natural world. I love what was created for me to be a part of and I am thankful. It is those moments God shares with me that I try to share with others.

While I capture that moment a series of related thoughts and sounds trigger in my mind; teaching me more about the world I live in and expanding my creativity and perspective and I save a lot of those moments for a book I am currently writing, "Peregrinations". To peregrinate is to walk around, journey, explore, hence the title of the book.

Soon I will have a preview of my photo book on this site and hopefully I can share the insights I have gotten from being a part of this world and its communities.

I thank you for visiting and invite you to comment so I may share some of your insights in this space.

A Journalists Write...I believe we are all journalists walking through life reporting to one another what we have discovered attempting to share and find truth.


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