Royal Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland

This amazing Gothic building was commissioned to be built by Cashmir the III, who ruled from 1333- 1370.  It is evidenced from archaelogical excavations of the surrounding area that this area, Wawel Hill, has been home to people for nearly 50,000 with findings dating back to the Paleolithic, Neolithic and Bronze ages

Poland -

Not a typical vacation destination, but this was not a vacation, it was a pilgrimage, a pilgramage for some to seek God, for others to discover family heritage and for others it was a combination of both.   When I shared with other I was going to visit Poland, I had such different reactions.  History buffs or those of Polish ancestry were thrilled, fascinated and had a story to share about Poland's history or relate a family story of survival that makes one ponder not only how blessed we are in America that we are free beyond our relaization, but challenges ones owns faith and morals.  Not knowing Poland's history might confuse one on the latter obsersavation, but I hope that by the time I finish my story about my travels to Poland, you will have a more lucid understanding of what it means for you to be  reding this documentary.


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Auschwitz & Birkenau Prison Camps


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 It's beauty is nearly shocking as we have learned so little about this country in our schools.  It seems as if Poland were overlooked in the telling of Nazi Germany and yet one wonders 'how is it possible to not talk about Poland's misfortune during that era?"  Well, history teaches us about Auschwitz, and Berkinaw, Tribeka - place of mass murder, torture, debasement and defiling of the human beign.  And much of what we learn on the "superficial " level, is a bout the Jews, that Hitler's entire campaign was only targeted at the Jews.  And this is a fatal misunderstanding of history.  For the truth is that Hitlert hated human beings, himself included.  He originally went after Germans, - the disadvantaged, the sick, the handicapped and the retarded, imposing upon them death and experiementation of everykind mediacally and chemcially.  These were social experiemnts, and he got away with it.  It took a nation of people to fall under a sadistic spell that they were not weak and it was those around them that were weak.  Super nationalism, and to maintain such a stronghold over all others, you will have to free youirselves of that which holds you back, the lesser in society.

Wow!  I'm in Poland.  I thought Russia, Chezch, Switzerland even Norway, but not really Poland - even though  I am Polish.  What an adventure to learn about my historical roots.

So as Hitler goes on his rampage and spreading himself strategically actross Europe, he found a common thread of hatred and ill comtntnent amongst the international polical community - that was the hatred for the Jews, and while not all hated like Hitler, he proposed business plans and called the Jews "workers" offering that if you give me some "workers" I can employ them at my labor camps.  And hence, people are playing ball now.

But Poland, why did Poland become a point of contention for the Nazi regime?  It's location.  It's resources.  It's advanced technology.  And most of all, it railway systems.


Poland... not a typical destination for an American taking a vacation,

Poland Pilgrimage 2012



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